validating assumptions in regards to ethical hacking work and training

Alexandre cl

Dec 22, 2014

I've been reflecting on a potential second career and seeing as I'm looking for work that can be done 100% remotely internationally, which will realistically earn over 100k after a few years on the job and in which you can have the feeling of doing some concrete good in the world, I am considering ethical hacking. I'd like to know what those of you who do that kind of work would have to say about the profession. Programming jobs are notorious (or so I understand) for being underappreciated by managers who don't really grasp what's being done exactly or why they can't get clear answers as to how long getting a specific result will take and the like. Have you been able to find work with clients who truly value and appreciate your efforts?

I would also like ot know what you would consider to be good basic qualifications to easily find remote work on a regular basis with such quality clients, and what kind of salary and other benefits a newcomer can expect. The people at tell me that completing their Complete CompTIA Training Bundle as well as their Ethical Hacking v10 course would qualify me for such work, but of course a training center would say that their courses are appropriate, so do you guys think that those would truly give me what I need to find work easily?

Lastly, could you point me towards friendly and helpful communities who might split such work among themselves and who are happy to mentor and help newcomers learn when they get stuck?