Apr 30, 2019
Problem: valorant freezes randomly and then crashes on the screen, I have to do ctrl+alt+del to go to the security options and sign out of my account to close the game, it's really annoying and it has been the same since the very first day the game launched i.e June 2nd, except that I have been able to play 1 match without crashing but with occasional freezes, near impossible to play
What I have tried so far: Running the game in administrator mode, running it in compatibility mode, nothing changes
OS: Windows 10 1903 64 bit

System specs:
i5 2400
4gb DDR3 ram
GT 1030 gfx card
300gb hard drive @7200rpm

Extra notes: some forums said that it could be due to the GPU or cpu being OC'd, my gpu was, so I disabled the OC, then I could play that 1 match after this crashing issue started.
Thanks in advance
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The game is in beta, problems are expected. If every other game runs fine then it's probably valorant that's the the problem. Maybe try reinstalling the game.