Question Valve Index "Headset Disconnected"


Aug 17, 2017
My Valve index arrived earlier this week, and it worked fine during the set up and for the 40 minutes or so that I used it afterwards. Now when I load up SteamVR it flashes "Headset Disconnected, Your headsets's display cable has become disconnected. Please check your headset's connections and try again." while the LEDs are blue, but then the messsage stays and the LEDs turn red. I have removed and re attatched all cables that come from the headset as well as placing them in other ports that I know work. Both the controllers and base stations work fine, they both connect and work as intended, there is also no visual damage so I dont think it was damaged in shipping.

I have an i9-9900k and an rtx 2080 so its not that I dont have enough power to run it. I don't know what else to say so any information needed I can try my best to provide, I am new to VR so this is all new to me and I haven't seen many other posts with solutions that have worked. I post this here because steam support sucks and any extra help from someone who knows what they are doing is much apreciated.
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