News Valve Post Steam Deck Teardown, Warns Against Doing It Yourself


Oct 31, 2007
I'm genuinely impressed with their decision to release this video. It was informative and friendly. They seem to show a clear respect for their customers here. I hope the device is solid build quality and reliable.


Oct 19, 2013
"you could die if battery explodes. warranty wont cover that"

if ur dead does it matter?
Not to you (the dead person) but it will probably matter a LOT to the family when they see writing on the walls for a big fat lawsuit against a company who didn't warn their users.
And then there will be a whole load of users complaining about their wifi signal. I'm inclined to believe what's said about the hardware by the OEM whilst showing you how to tinker with it.
Well, someone who will mess up at that point wont be able to even reach that point without breaking stuff.
That's the whole point of the video, someone who made a lot of repairs on small devices will be fine, you have the right to open it but if you don't know what you are doing you will break stuff.