Valve Shipping Knuckles Dev Kits To Select Developers, Hardware Details Emerge

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yes! someday the Vive will have controllers as good as the Oculus!

"Oculus Touch controllers already include sensors for tracking your finger movement"
Yep, didn't know this until I was using it and it just knew when I opened my hand I was like damn, I didn't know it could do that!

"The Knuckles controllers get strapped to your palm, which frees all five of your digits to allow you to use natural gestures and actions to interact with the virtual world."
Oh!! good idea! After discovering that feature I wanted to open my palm all the way but couldn't because I would have dropped the controller.

"Gabe Newell told a room full of journalists that Valve is actively working on three VR games"
*Thinks about Half-Life 3*
How awesome would that be? At this point HL3 is getting to be more like Duke Nukem Forever. (Making people wonder IF it will ever be released.) I'm just hoping they were waiting for VR tech and/or pc hardware to advance.


Aug 5, 2009
Damnit valve you have 1, count it 1 controller to make and that is a brain box, a device that can process all that's needed for vr tracking, that has attachment points for other bodies. you want to play that gun game? well get a gun body put the tracker on and now the trigger and whatever else is a button on it will work. you want to go crazy? you REALLY like this one gun game? get a gun of each type and allow its tracking.

You want to play a sniping game? well let's put 2 trackers on this body just for the extra precision

seriously, make a brainbox that you snap onto other controllers, that's all you need to do, that way we don't have to buy the expensive bits more than once.
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