Valve's New 'Dota 2' Card Game, 'Artifact,' Will Debut In 2018

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Dec 5, 2014
Probably not, the audience booed when the trading card game message came up on the announcement video.


No mention of it being booed when it was announced? I found that rather amusing.
Valve had respect as game developer then pissed it away with indefinite delays, seeming to abandon it's best IPs. At this point I have lost all hope of Valve releasing something new that I might actually play.
Since the article missed this detail, here was the crowd's reaction following the trailer announcing what is apparently Valve's big game for 2018...

As a developer, Valve has been something of a joke in recent years, since they haven't actually been releasing games, or even indicating whether they might be working on anything. They seem more interested in monetizing loot drops in multiplayer titles lately. Announcing a mobile-friendly trading card game after years of no new game releases or announcements is about the last thing anyone wanted from them. It's like they have some aversion to releasing anything that isn't centered around trading items through Steam. The last time I felt excited for a Valve game announcement was with the Portal 2 teaser OVER 7 YEARS AGO, and the last big game that Valve announced was CS:GO, way back in 2011. I thought for sure they would have some big games to launch alongside the release of Steam Machines, or Steam VR, but there's been nothing so far. It kind of makes you wonder what Valve's game developers actually do. Design hats?

At least Gwent was derived from a game that already existed within the Witcher universe, and wasn't just a random cash-grab only vaguely related to its source material. And of course, the Witcher developers have actually been continuing to release great games, and have more highly anticipated games in progress, despite being a smaller company with much less resources.


L4D 3 and Portal 3 were expected also, i wonder why there's nothing of them yet, would think if not HL3 then these two IPs would exist already atleast.

My guess. Portal to continue in the 3rd to elaborate more on HL universe (besides being fun there was a made up reason for the game) and L4D3 to use the HL3 engine. HL3 i think is in direct connection to these two other games and the wait, for HL3 especially.

I used to be obsessed. Think i still am.
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