Question Varmilo VA87M key problem: F1 and F2 key not working seperately, only when pressed with another button ?

Nov 10, 2021
Hello people,

A couple of months ago, I've bought a Varmilo VA87M mechanical keyboard. In the last days I started to notice that the F1 and F2 keys as well as the F7 to F12 keys aren't working when pressed on their own. They do register an F1 press though when any other key is held down before the F1 press. I honestly do not know if it was like this since the beginning (I rarely use them and just now started using applications and playing games that use them) or if it happened at a later point.

I've tested the registered keystrokes with an online tool and it is consistently giving me the aforementioned results. I reckon it is some kind of software problem because the keys register just fine when pressed together although I haven't found any similar issues in forums when looking on google. I have found some issues with the Fn key mixing things up but that's not the problem I'm having.

Short description of the problem:
  • F1, F2 & F7-12 not working when pressed individually
  • work just fine when pressed together with any other key (other key has to be pressed and held down first)
  • Known issue? Haven't found anything so far
  • Software fix possible?


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Did you try and pair the culprit keyboard to a donor system/laptop and run the keyboard tester again on said donor system? This is to rule out if you have a faulty switch on the keyboard. It's possible that the switches might've ended up being faulty. You could desolder the switches and see if you can cause them to register on the OS using a tweezer(to bridge the contacts inside the switch contact points on the keyboard PCB) like so.