Question varying network speed and connection from wifi extender

Aug 27, 2018
Hey im having some problems with my wifi extender. i lost my last one to a lightning strike and had to replace it. My new extender: netgear ex6150 ac1200 extender. I read some reviews and this was the best i could get at an ok price. But after i set it up i just had problems im constantly losing network speed on my phone. i also have some wifi led strip controllers that also stops wokring after a while because they lose connection. my connection from the extender lays on 5mbps dowlonad and 22mbps in uppload, but sometimes it just drops down and everything stops working. the last extender i had worked like a charm and used to give out 20/20mbps. i dont know what is going on, can i pleas get some help to fix this?


Does the following User Manual match your extender?

Any changes on the extender's LED's when problems occur? (Reference Pages 5 & 6.)

First double check that the network settings are identical to the previous extender's settings.

What router are you currently using?

Maybe an IP address is being duplicated - wifi LED controller?

Second be sure that the new extender is receiving the proper voltage and that the host wall outlet was not damaged in some manner.

Try the extender in another electrical circuit - the lightning strike may have caused some problem in the current circuit.