[SOLVED] VCCIO VCCSA auto absurd values - 10900k

Jul 1, 2020
Hi there,

I am running a 10900k on a z490 asus strix gaming E motherboard, got 32 gb ram 4400 MHz cl19 Patriot Viper.
I did a manual oc to 5.1 ghz on the board (bios), and adjusted the timings of the ram because the system won't boot with xmp profile (see attached).

The problem is, the reported VCCIO and VCCSA are absurd at 1.424 and 1.504 V. These are on auto. Running 15-15-36 on the ram at 1.45 V @ 3800 mhz.

Questions: do you agree that those values are super high and need to be lowered ASAP? Should I return this ram? Asking because the motherboard is on the list of supported motherboards for this ram, also tried on a z490 aorus elite AC motherboard which had sooo many bugs that after a week I changed it with this Asus. The point is, that one was also on the supported list for this ram and also couldn't do 4400 xmp1, or even 4200 @ 1.35v xmp 2. I was also on a 3800 mhz profile at cl15.

Please see my OC profile here and results

Manually adjusted in the bios and now the reported values by the asus software in windows are:
VCCIO 1.136
VCCSA: 1.152

Should I try to lower them even more? What about the ram kit? Seems bit disappointing.
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