Vcore or QPI/VTT voltage?


Nov 29, 2011
hello all, love the site and forums.

i have a question concerning voltages on my computer, which is a z68 chipset gigabyte Z68x-UD3H-B3 to be exact, with a intel i5-2500k.

when i initially started overclocking, i reached 4.4 ghz easily without touching the vcore, while disabling the required features. clocking higher produced unstability in prime95, which i started bumping up the vcore like what i read from guides, but still proved unstable. i noticed in HWMonitor that my CPU Vcore was still saying 1.06 even when it was under 100% load on all cores. after reading a bit last night, i set my Vcore to "normal" and adjusted the QPI/Vtt Voltage to 1.205 and HWMonitor now says my vcore is 1.21(obviously the software rounds up).

my question now is, before i try any stress testing and possibly hurting my system, is this the correct way to increase the voltage and not using the vcore like it seems so many others have said?

i can post any screenshots or anything you need. if this is something previously covered and ive missed it sorry for the time:( a link in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


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