Vcore reading, Help!


Sep 25, 2004
ok so Today i Switched a p4 northwood 3.0 with a prescott 3.0 and everything seemed to be fine till I checked my abit utility and it started beeping like mad and one of my vcore readings went red, I am using the abit ic7 max3. the vcore was lowering to around 1.25 and even got down to 1.22 i think. but my speaker was making the most terrible beeping noise. I am not sure why id be having any problems.. can anyone offer some help? i have a 480 watt powersupply made by antec that cost me 120$ that is brand new.. so im guessing its not that. anyone got any ideas?
Thanks for any help, Toms hardware pros rock.
here are the other specs.

abit ic7 max 3
asus 5700le
1gb (2x512) ulta pc4000 ram
200gb wd sata drive.
lg dvdrw.

thanks again