Vcore vdroop and drop


Feb 12, 2009
Hi guys.

I have had my E5200 sitting comfortable at 3ghz @ 1.28125 bios vcore. In OS, drops to 1.232 and loaded vcore is 1.216.

To get to 3.33, I have to pump 1.375v through it. I know max safe vcore is 1.3625, but also know ppl pump 1.4 - 1.44/45 through this chip, but I'm not looking for 3.6-3.8ghz of performance, just a nice 3.33.

So.. Intel's spec document says max VID for this chip is 1.3625. Is that to say some oke with a REALLY dud chip's VID would be that high? Or is that the max safe 24/7 vcore? For me to get to my target 3.33 I need slightly over (1.375v) the max vid, and after loaded vcore, it drops below 1.3625 to 1.312, which is safe.

Am I missing something, coz if its below VID in OS and when loaded, is it safe to set above Safe VID in bios?


E5200 VID 1.2250
2gb DDR 2 800 at 5 5 5 18
585W PSU
Ga-eg31m-s2 (have latest f4c bios)