VDo ram


May 21, 2011
hey hi !
first of all my English is not so good but i will try to explain as good as i can
i have Compaq Sr5510 PC & i had tried a web canyourunit dot com to know dat my PC can run some games or not and through this web i discovered that my built in vdo ram was 700 mb then upgrade it with ati 5670 1 GB card then this web showed that my vdo ram is 1.7 GB i thought that my mobo had shared its 700 mb to my grpx card two days ago i upgrade a ram and after that i checked my pc through this web and i cam e to know that vdo ram is now 2.7 GB but the mistery is that my system ram is 4 GB as i have one 2 gb of Kingston and 2 GB Corsair then why my PC is showing 2.7 GB vdo ram

plxx guide me