Vdroop Problem????


Mar 19, 2012
Okay now I was getting familiar with the Load Line Calibration and I noticed something strange... I'm having trobles overclocking AMD FX 4100 properly for a cople of weeks... now here's what I see...

I've set my CPU Voltage to 1.5375 .. (BIOS default is 1.4125v). The CPU max voltage is 1.5500 so I should be fine. Now to the point, no matter what the CPU Voltage value I use.. it just changes the max Vcore and almost 100% of the time when stress testing the Vcore not only stays below 1.5357 CPU Voltage but its going down to like 1.38 .. Which i suspect of ruining my stress testing.. Is that a problem or is it something normal? I tried using Load Line Calibration. I 1/2 and 1/4 and AUTO as options i tried both - no stability. LLC Disabled - Much more stable... Isn't that what LLC is for, taking care of the Vdroop? What do I do.. am I safe at 1.5375 when it alomost never goes that high... or.. how can I fix this problem?