Question Vega 56 not working after trying to undervolt (video_tdr_failure)

Apr 15, 2019
Hi, I got a vega 56 a few months ago and I've been having often crashes in one of the games I play (possibly due to overheating, but doesnt happen in other games). I read that one of the possible solutions was to undervolt/underclock the GPU (from this thread View:
) and I followed the guide in the youtube video (
) and all I did was use Global Wattman to change my state 6 and 7 to state 5 as shown by the video in order to see if the crashes did persist. I opened the game and immediately it crashed giving me an error ( ERR12: Graphics Device Crashed) I tried again and then it crashed completely to a black screen and that was a few hours ago. Now I am not able to get windows 10 to boot at all, all I get is my screen going from gray windows start up window to black and screen going black back and forwards until fans go to 100% and it restarts itself and goes into windows repair. I had to go into safe mode where I'm typing from right now.

So far I tried to completely uninstall the GPU drivers and install them again, but following a series of black screens mid installation, I was met with a windows error video_tdr_failure

I am very confused as what to do and how my graphics card has damaged itself by simply undervolting and underclocking the 2 states from global wattman. The GPU itself is powered on and fans are spinning as if it's being used, and it does show up under device manager in safe mode.

Is there anything I can try to do? Have I caused some form of permanent damage to the card by simply following the youtube video's instructions via global wattman? All I did was set the voltage and clock of my State 5 to State 6 and 7 as shown by the video and ran a game.

I have now tried once again to completely uninstall the graphics card drivers both with Display Driver Uninstaller and via device manager, and tried to install drivers for it but it crashes during installation and pc turns off completely. Old graphics card is working fine.

Thank you
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May 11, 2010
Have you tried using your Vega card in another machine?
Flashing your GPU with the original or newer version might help, but I can't guarantee it though.
Apr 15, 2019
The GPU is likely fine. What make/model is your power supply?

Try here for the AMD Cleanup Utility to remove the previous driver settings:
Hey, thanks for the reply, the power supply is evga supernova 750B2 while the processor is i5 8400, 16gb ram.

Will try the amd clean up utility as well. At the moment vega 56 is connected and working, but no drivers have been installed yet as windows update decided it was a good time to kick in...
What happened before is i got to this stage, installed newest amd drivers, but installation crashed halfway through and pc rebooted and had trouble booting windows 10 as before.