Question Vega 56 vs RTX 2060 6gb recommendation?


Jun 16, 2017
I am looking for some advice and in particular first hand experience with either or both said cards as I am looking to upgrade my GPU from an MSI 1060 3gb. I am still happy with my card right now but I've found some decent deals especially on an MSI Vega 56. Actually I found a "great" deal on a Gigabyte Vega 64 but some of the reviews were less than favorable and probably don't want to risk sending it back if that is what has to happen. I am looking at UserBenchmark and it seems the 56 pretty much has better benchmarks all around vs the 2060, but I'm wondering if this is entirely accurate. I guess even if they benched the same I'd have to go with the 56 because it is a bit cheaper right now.

Does anyone have any suggestions or anything that I should look into before I spend my money?

They are about the same in terms of power. The Vega 56 may have a few extra frames in some games or the 2060 will have more in games that run better with Nvidia. Theres a few youtube videos of various games running both so be sure to look at them.

Personally I would go wit the 2060 mainly due to how much less power it will use as well as it being a newer card. Keep in mind the 2060 is not powerful enough for ray tracing even though it has it unless you are fine with sacrificing resolution and detail to get decent frames, but none the less its a great card.