Vegetable Oil Computer for end of year project


May 23, 2009
So its the end of the year, and since all of the seniors in school are gone, its just me and about 3 or 4 other students in class. So me and my teacher decided that we should take an old computer in the back that was suffering from overheating, and put the parts in oil to see if it helped. So over the last few days, ive been taking temperatures, overclocked a little, and today i gutted the machine out for parts and assorted the board in the tank with all the cable going out to the floppy, optical, and hard drives. But when we looked it up, someone had said online that you needed to seal the cpu if it is socket type(ours is AMD of some sort, but it is socket). Does anyone know if i should seal the socket, if so how and what do i use?


Mar 7, 2009
You should definitely look at all of the vegy oil pcs that have been done so far for ideas and info...and yes you should seal the socket...i believe you put it on the outer edge of the socket plastic? the part that lies on the motherboard but im not sure....

That just my is one done on a FX 55 which is an amd socket so check yours to see if they are similar,1203-11.html

Would you mind documenting your project as well? i would love to see some pictures and see how you have done it etc....throw it up on a blog why don't you ;)

Im not sure if you have read this but don't run any type of fans in the oil...its not good for them as there made to do there intended rpms not be held back my oil and burn up etc....

The chipset ventilator from Gigabyte K8NXP-SLI did not exactly promise great results and thus was disconnected; after all, the fan's blades are not designed for low RPMs that result from high friction resistance in the liquid.

OK i also found pics...yes this is how you seal the cpu socket and the rest of the info is in the link i posted earlier!