Question Veracrypt Test triggers Bitlocker Recovery Key Prompt Boot Loop on Lenovo X1

Mar 16, 2019
Hey Everyone, decided to try a system partition today on my new device and veracrypt did a test to see if it would work.

I entered the veracrypt password correctly and it said success and then the bitlocker which I have never even SEEN on the device asks for the recovery key. I got the recovery key and bitlocker says success but then the device restarts and the entire cycle continues.

I when into the thinkpad startup menu changed the boot order putting veracrypt last but it booted just as it had above. I used the thinkpas startup menu to delete the veracrypt folder from the boot lineup entirely but the issue still persists.

Tried to reset the device and you guessed it when it restarts back to the same continuous veracrypt password>bitlocker recovery password>veracrypt password

Went to command prompt to see the drives only one drive came back the main hard drive now seeing any partitions. Wondering if I could delete the veracrypt partition from cmd or if I can actually change the boot order from cmd.

So now I decided a re-image is in order but as luck would NOT have it Lenovo's site is not recognizing my serial number. Is there anything you guys can suggest? Thanks in advance for reading and for your advice.