Verbatim hard drive problem


Jan 9, 2010

I have an imac from 2002 whose hard drive couldnt handle all our itunes library, so I purchased a Verbatim external hard drive and transferred all my music files to it in the summer.

Its been working fine until a few days ago when the desktop icon disappeared. I did all the usual restart activities, and plugged its usb directly into the imac (it was on an extension usb multi plug thing).

To no avail.

How can I recover my verbatim hard drive?

If anyone has any ideas, kindly give a holler!!!

Thank you for the help,

Try some hardrive software, such as maxblast 5. Buy a 1 tb drive for around $75. The maxblast software works with seagate or maxblast drives, but other brands have similar software available for free download. If the software finds the external drive, do a drive to drive copy before it fails completely. If you don't need to move your hardrive, get an internal one this time with a locking sata cable, and don't forget to install the power switch lead to the internal drive.