Vertex 3 worth $50 extra over agility 3?


Jun 8, 2011
I can get an OCZ agility 3 from mwave for $238 or fork out extra and get a Vertex 3 for $288, both 120gb models. Is the performance of the vertex 3 over the agility 3 enough to warrant $50? the read/write speeds listed for both are good.
After reading this:,2966.html , it sounds like you are getting a good deal.
Read this:,2869.html , starting at the bottom of the page where it says "Remember, Vertex 2 isn’t going anywhere. There is still a lot of life in that drive. The premium you pay for a Vertex 3 is entirely attributable to its more aggressive performance."
Then you decide based on what is important to you. Edit: After looking at the side-by-side benchmardks, I'd get the Agility.


May 27, 2011
If I may add to this thread. What about the Solid 3? that is even cheaper than the Agility 3 and uses the same controller while still having a fairly high read/write speed yet noone ever talks about them.

Am I missing something with the solid series or are they just no good?
For Sata III, Might look at the Plextor 128 Gig ($230 after $20MIR)
For Sata II any of the SF12xx controller based (ie vertex -II, I have the Pheonix Pro)

take Sequencial read/write with a grain of salt, it is the least important parameter for a Boot/program drive. Much more important for a data drive working with large files. Try to find benchmarks that mimic real world perfomance (Such as PCMark vantage), then decide if cost/performance is worth it.
Quote: As a point of comparison, a file operation completes 85% faster on a low-end SSD than it does on a high-end hard drive, but there is only an 88% speed difference between a high-end hard drive and a high-end SSD. End quote

Only applies to Sata III - Go to new egg and look at reviews (Only the ones with 40 or more responsies). compare Vertex-3/Agility/3/solid 3 (which uses the the SF22xx controller to the Marvel Based controller (C300, M4, Intel 510, and Plextor) - Highly recommend the marvel based SSD, you only losses about 10 to 15 % in real life which most people would not notice.
^ neither look good to me (Newegg or OCZ's forum).
Did a numbers eval on OCZ Sata III vs Marvel based - OCZ has about twice the % of dissatified as Mavel based. The salt applies to both so kind of cancels out (LOL)

Just dropped the dime on crucial's 128 gig M4, Newegg has it on sale for $212 (With promo code BTEKCJB22)
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