Vertex, Agility, or Octane?


Aug 31, 2011
I've been finding really good deals on SSDs lately, specifically OCZ SSDs in the 120GB capacity. Right now, I can get the OCZ Vertex 3 for $110, The Agility 3 for $120, and the Octane for $120. Any help as to which one I should get? I've been told that that Sandforce 2281 based OCZ drives are having problems, but I've also been told that a simple firmware fix could clear that up. I haven't heard any problems with the Indilinx-based Octane, but I heard that the performance isn't as good. Any suggestions?
The Vertex 3 is the fastest! and for the price the one I would go with regardless of SF problems just make sure you have the latest firmware!

neon neophyte

you have to install the firmware while the drive is NOT your operating drive. has to be mounted as a secondary.

after updating the bios change the ssd to your boot drive (you might have to unhook your regular hdds during the install process and reconnect them after windows has installed, its an odd quirk ive seen personally and in forum threads.) then install windows with the ssd as your boot drive.

its semi complicated, but not that hard and completely worth it for the load times in windows and in games. i get my first choice of vehicle in bf3 at the beginning of every round!



look into these drives. they should be faster and you can get a better deal.
heres a toms recommendation, i challenge you to find such a good drive with 240gb of storage for 270 dollars. make sure if you do go with these that you get the deluxe versions. they are much faster. also dont expect anything under 15seconds boot time. you will probably be around 25 seconds from the time you hit the on button. the bios takes the longest time.,3139-4.html