Question Vertical artefact triggered by playing youtube video ?


Sep 27, 2019
Relevant Specs:
  • Monitor: MSI MPG27CQ / Samsung G7 (2020)
  • GPU: Gigabyte Vision OC 3070
  • OS: Windows 11 Insider Preview
  • Graphics Driver: Nvidia Geforce 471.68
  • display connection: DP 1.4
Recently, I've been experiencing some visual artefacts on my current 2 year old MSI MPG27CQ. In this video you can see that I can trigger the artefact by scrolling up a YouTube page to a paused video and get rid of the artefact by scrolling away from it.

Recently I got the Samsung G7 (2020 curved model) and I've experienced the same issue, except the artefacts were horizontal and confined to the bottom third of the screen (and if I remember correctly they were usually green). I returned the monitor assuming that it was at fault, but now I'm back on my old MSI monitor the flashing bar issue persists.

I don't have another DP cable yet, I'd like to try that before concluding that my GPU is broken. I'd just like to know if anyone's seen anything like this before and if you have, what was typically the cause?

P.S. when playing the video I took, just having VLC open after the video had played caused the same issue:

Bad luck with 2 monitors, or did New World break my GPU?