Iver Hicarte

May 7, 2016
What's a COMPATIBLE vertical bracket/mount for my Asus TUF 6700XT? My case is the Lian Li 011 Dynamic Mid Tower Case, I am familiar that Lian Li makes their own vertical GPU mounts, but the issue is, here in the place I live in, the only available Lian Li vertical brackets are for the 011 Dynamic MINI version of the case, none is available for the mid tower version of the 011 Dynamic, which is the one I own. So here I am, asking you guys an alternative. I need something that is compatible with my case and the GPU itself, so you can send some of your recommendations here on this thread. I need to vertically mount my GPU because with the regular orientation, I cannot attach the tempered glass side panel on the side of the case, the freakin' card is so huge and bulky, it fits the case but you have to remove the side panel in order for it to fit, with the side panel on, impossible, you cannot attach the side panel for the card is too wide and bulky, this is why I need to mount it vertically.



Most vertical mount adapters work by adding depth in the very dimension you are having an issue with, would be best to take some measurements and start shopping for parts.

If you are already limited in what you can buy, then recommendations aren't going to mean much.

Have you contacted Lian-Li? They can probably send you directly anything you are after.