Question Vertical/Horizontal flickering and freezing on Samsung SF350 series monitor

Dec 23, 2015
For a while now, my Samsung Monitor (LS27F350FHEXXY) has been flickering horizontally in sections whenever it's powered on and connected to a device, followed by those lines freezing (with vertical sections becoming frozen at the same time) and snow creeping in from the edges to cover the whole screen (which eventually turns black) anywhere from 10 seconds to several minutes after startup.

By disconnecting it from the power and then reconnecting 20-30 minutes later it will sometimes become usable with the snow and line imprints fading away over the next quarter to half of an hour and sometimes just repeat the same process.

I've tested multiple different HDMI cables (that all work fine with other devices) to try and use it as output for a range of other devices and it's kept producing the same issue each time.

At least as far as I know there wasn't any physical damage done to it or power irregularities or such that occurred before I first started having this issue with it.