Question Vertical lines on screen occasionally ?


May 7, 2021
CPU: Intel Core I5-3470
GPU: MSI GeForce GT 710
OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit with up-to-date drivers
RAM: Tested, just fine


Occasionally whenever I play a game (mostly The Powder Toy) vertical lines or flickering appears on my screen.

It happens a ton in The Powder Toy, and it also happens a little bit regardless of the program, but mostly in web browsers and The Powder Toy.

It's not my monitor, we have tested the monitor with another computer running Powdertoy. No lines.

It might also be important to mention, this computer is very old and it's upgraded.

I am prepared to buy a new computer if needed.

Note that the lines happen REGARDLESS of programs, it just happens the most in TPT.

Also (again regardless of programs) the screen may occasionally flicker white for a few seconds or overall become distorted.

It's not a software issue, as when I take a screenshot during the weird lines, the lines do not appear in the screenshot.


Your specs to your build is incomplete. Please parse the make and model of your ram(s), the make and model of your motherboard and the make and model of your PSU. As for your OS, what version are you on(not Edition)? BIOS version for your motherboard?

Artifcating when idle can happen when a GPU is under thermal stress and/or with faulty drivers and/or if the GPU is damaged. Do you have the model for your MSI GT710 GPU? Passively cooled GPU's will exhibit the issue or if the fan has failed on the GPU and the temps are climbing. What sort of airflow do you have in your case? Cases make and model? Ambient air temps? Did you rule out a faulty display cable? Speaking of which, what is the make and model of your monitor and how are you tethered to the monitor?