Question Vertical mounts, riser cables and the usage of all the other slots on a motherboard

Nov 22, 2020
So here is the problem. Some time ago, i kind of cracked (as in destroyed) my motherboard because i tried to ram a PCIe x4 card into a PCIe x1 slot (they looked the same, i did not wear my glasses .. and i thought that motherboards are significantly more durable) - long story short .. i broke the motherboard.

So i got me a new one that actually has a PCIe x4 slot along with 4 PCIe x16 slots .. but .. i have to mount my graphics card .. actually i have to mount all my cards vertically. (my computer case makes it so .. and while there had been a possibility to mount horizontally, too .. i kind of lost the parts for that option .. because i threw them away with all the other stuff in the case that i did not need.

With one riser cable in the top most slot .. it kind of blocks all the other slots below though. Is there any way to work with multiple vertical cards on riser cables? I do have a riser cable for PCIe x4 .. but aside from being too short to reach "around" the x16 riser cable, it also bends ominously when stuck into the PCIe slot because the larger riser cable presses it on the motherboard with quite some force.

Is there a solution for that? I really do not want to buy a new computer case ..

i might be able to mount the graphics card in one of the lower x16 slots .. but i heard that those might not run at full x16? Also i am not sure the large riser cable is long enough to reach around the shorter one .. not because it is too short but more because it feels very stiff and seems not to like to bend much.