Question Vertically Mounted GPU' newb

Mar 18, 2019
Hello there. So hopefully this is a pretty newb question that I'm just not understanding..

I'm in the process of upgrading and i'm currently looking at a new GPU, but in this idea, I really want to mount it vertically. I simply, just don't quite understand how to do that safely.

The GPU in question is probably going to be in the RTX line (if it matters?), while my case is an NZXT 500i (It does have vertical PCI-covers). The motherboard is a ROG ASUS STRIX B450-F.

I understand I need a riser card, but is there any particular types? do they affect preformance at all? Do I need any stabilizing prop? Is there anything I should know about vertical mounted GPU over horizontal?


If you are going to use a riser card, it will need to be the exact one for your case. The distance between the motherboard and the riser slot will have to match up. Ribbon cable type would be more universal.

They shouldn't effect performance, but PCIe is serial. If there are errors in transmission caused by the extra length or interference, it will have to send the data again. This could effect overall bandwidth. However, I have seen people use multiple cables to get some very long connections and it still worked. But I've never seen anyone actually measure throughput. Most GPUs don't need all the bandwidth available to them, so it may not even matter.

The GPU selection isn't all that important. Though, you will want to avoid really thick cards, as they might get too close to the side panel window and the card will be suffocated. In many cases it is the inferior thermal option as well.