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Question VERY choppy frames unless i use Rivatuner Statistics


Dec 17, 2017
So let's start from the beginning, iv'e owned this pc for over 4 years now and have not touched the ram/psu/motherboard, installed a asus strix 1080ti over 2 and a half years ago. and iv'e noticed this issue after installing the gpu about 8 months in. at first i never had issues with choppy frames, and when i mean choppy. i mean 300 fps feels like 40-60, i play a lot of CSGO, apex legends valorant ETC. i invest a lot of time into competitive gaming so you would understand having this type of issue would be outrageous right? Well thankfully i found a way to make my frames smooth BUT... the down sides suck. input lag, screen tearing etc. riva tuner has been my saving grace for the past 2 years, but i have been really getting into finding a way to fix my frames without needing to use a third party software to cap and screen line sync my frames to 144 fps, on most games 144 fps cap gives me 7 ms of frametime, a very noticeable amount. and ontop of that 14ms of input lag via rivertuner. so in total 21ms of lag, when i turn off rivatuner i feel so much snappier and crisp but with how choppy it is, it's honestly not worth it. so what iv'e came to. these are the things iv'e changed/tried to do to fix this issue.

new hdd/ssd, reinstalling windows. changing monitors, upgrading cpu to a i7 7770k, water cooling. putting ram in new slots. checking the status of my pc.
checking temps to make sure they are not spiking to 90c etc. gpu stays at around 70c, cpu stays at around 79c depending on the game, checks all my cables. etc, there MIGHT be some dust built up in the pci-e slot but i don't have any compressed air to clean it., my gpu is currently only being held up by a mouse charger, yes... my case is to small to house my gpu. but this actually works perfectly, the card is not bending at all. it's perfectly up right. but who knows, maybe there is an issue? the psu is 650w so i doubt there is any issue with my rig not being able to supply enough power to the gpu to cause insanely choppy frames under load. but then again. it still happens if i cap ANY game to 144 fps ingame/via gpu

I honestly think this is a gpu related issue as when i first got my gpu everything was fine, worked as it should, no tearing no choppy frames, Until one day on apex, this is around 8 months after i bought my gpu i noticed heavy screen tearing. just out of nowhere, just suddenly had screen tearing. i thought well that's odd? better look up why i got it. and they say "everyone has it" but how could i not have it for 8 months then just get it? so i kept looking around on these issues and got nowhere. so i just gave up and dealt with the tearing. then another few months goes by, and i really get into csgo again, after a 3 year break from it. and i noticed insanely choppy frames and i thought my monitor was dying due to how bad it was. so from that i bought a new monitor. plugged it in expecting my issue to be gone. nope. so i spent the next few weeks obsessing over a way to fix this issue. until i found a post about rivatuner, i gave it a go and to my surprise. my frames were SUPER SUPER smooth. LIKE THEY SHOULD BE. but after the short excitement i noticed the input lag.... and my god. i went from snappy aim. to not being able to flick onto heads like i used to and this is from someone that has over 2900 hours in CSGO. this is now about 1 year ago. fast forward to today. valorant is the new FPS game everyone is into. iv'e already invested around 300 hours into the game, and i notice when i turn off rivatuner how much faster i flick around. it's not slow. i can correct my aim so much faster and more confidently, but the choppiness is just horrific... i honestly have no idea how to fix this issue. this thread is my last resort before i buy a new pc. And yes. capping frames INGAME and via the gpu STILL causes SUPER choppy frames. the ONLY way to make the frames feel like 144hz is to cap them using riva tuner. a third party software.
here is a benchmark test of my build after i got my i7 7770k
Don't mind it saying my cpu is unknown, was a windows issue. reinstalled windows after doing it and it showed it being a i7.
anyways that's enough of a rant. i hope someone can lead me in the right way.
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