Question Very high motherboard temperatures

Aug 14, 2019

Last time, I started the computer after a break of several days, and it worked strangely, jammed terribly. I decided to play the cs:go, and surprise because of 160-230fps, I had 70fps and I felt like I was playing on a computer from 20 years ago. I made the computer format, installed the drivers, and the same thing, cs:go cuts it down like never before, fps drops to 60 no matter what settings ..

I decided to check the temperature with the HWMonitor program, and showed that the motherboard is 120 degrees .. Concerned, I replaced the thermal paste with thermocades, cleaned the entire computer of dust, and still the same. The only thing I got was that the temperature sensors broke because immediately after turning on the computer shows 110-120 degrees on the motherboard, chipset etc. And it is not possible that immediately after turning on the computer they had such temperatures ..
I have no ideas what to do with it. Do you have any ideas how to fix that the computer was working as it used to be.

BTW: I will also add that in the programs show that the motherboard and chipset are 120 degrees, while in the BIOS It show that they have 30 ..

HWMonitor: View:

Bios: View: