Question Very hot CPU (100c), Computer shuts down

Feb 23, 2019
About 2 weeks ago when I started up graphically intensive games (PUBG, Steep etc), about 50% of the time the screen would flash DVI no signal and the whole thing would turn off for a second then turn back on.

I opened up the case, had a poke around, there was a little bit of dust but nothing major, and made sure everything was plugged in. It kept happening.

I then took the cpu fan (stock intel) off and the thermal paste was in pretty poor condition and had run off onto the mount holding the cpu in place. I cleaned it off and bought some Arctic Silver thermal paste and applied it hoping the problem would go away. For the next 2 days it all seemed fine, but it started up again.

I downloaded HWMonitor about half an hour ago and Prime95 to try see if there was a problem. The Cpu temp in less than a minute went from 65 - 101c, and I quickly stopped it. I'm unsure what to do as I don't want to irreversibly break something.

Specs are:

Cpu: Intel Core i5 4690 (with stock fan and freshly put on thermal paste)
Gpu: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
Ram: 8GB Duel-Channel DDR3
Motherboard: Gigabyte H97M-D3H
Psu: Corsair VS550 ATX

Aside from the obscenely hot cpu everything else was below 40c. The computers 4th birthday is in March and has no issues up until now
Feb 23, 2019
Yes I think it is because of the stock fan or could be the age but really think you should get a new CPU cooler if you're going to play graphically intensive games like PUBG.


Jun 26, 2015
Even if that's your stock cooler, there is no way you should get 100 degrees. Your CPU is not overclockable. My old i5 used to run without a cooler or no contact cause a screw broke and it took me a while to figure it out since my dad was using it, not me.
Point is you should get those temps if YOUR COOLER IS NOT THERE OR ISN'T IN CONTACT AT ALL WITH THE CPU. Are you sure you screwed it in properly, the pins came out the other side etc? Did you put too much paste or did you just put a little pea in the middle? You may have to open it up again and see what mess you made. Unless you realize the thing isn't properly mounted in which case moving it properly on the CPU will fix the problem.

With another CPU (STOCK!) cooler and new paste, my dad's PC went to 30-35 idle. 65 is not normal idle for newly pasted CPU.