Very light use, monitors shut off and fans on computer run full blast

Mar 19, 2018
Hey guys, long time reader and first time poster here.

I recently purchased a 1440p AW3418DW for my system and, this weekend, I started encountering issues with my GPU.

So, for reference, my system is as follows:


Noctua NH D14 cooler

Aorus Z370 Ultra Gaming

16 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX @ 3Ghz

Gigabyte GTX 1070 FTW

Old (~6 years) Corsair 850W PSU Gold Rated

My temps are stable around 35 on average for CPU and 50 on average for GPU. According to HW Monitor. My usages are ~20% CPU and no more than 40% GPU according to Task Manager. So, for the sake of argument, I'm really not pushing my system at all.


I'll be gaming and, randomly, all three of my screens (2* 1080p (doing nothing but a stream + Visual Studio)) and my 1440p go dead, at though the power to them had been cut. Then all the fans in my computer start going crazy. It never recovers.

The thing is, I can hear that my computer is still going strong. I'll still hear my stream/music, I'll still hear the 'something has been disconnected, something has been reconnected' sound.

Things I've tried :

Reducing the settings on games while multitasking (now using ~25%) - Status: failure.

Unplugging and replugging the hardware when they shut off - Status : failure.

I don't even know what this issue could be. Unless HWMonitor is giving me a false report, I am not running hot at all. Unless Ressource manager is giving me a false reporting, I'm not maxing out or even close. Really curious what the issue is.

This issue it making me pull my hair out and want to buy a new GPU and PSU but I may be jumping the gun. I built a crazy overkill system for the games I play in order to be able to multi-task like a madman and that just isn't happening right now and it's maddening.

Update: RAN AIDA no RAM on the recommendation of my hardware engineer friend and it repro'ed the error with 20 second of starting.

Update 2: Ran Unigine, same thing, failure in a couple seconds.

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