Very loud coolermaster heatsink - Need help


Nov 7, 2008
I built my rig earlier this year and it's been working great, though I have one thing that upsets me, whenever I do anything that takes a lot of CPU usage my main CPU fan goes on at 50C and it's way too loud, it's audible from down the hall. It rattles the whole case and it's a ridiculous amount of noise. It's a cheap CoolerMaster heatsink and I'm just ultimatly looking to upgrade to a new higher quality heatsink, one that hopefully won't rattle everything and make a ton of noise.

OR I'm wondering if theres any way I can just simply cut down on the noise it makes. It's not the fan itself thats making the noise, but the rattling once it is on full speed.

I have:
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
EVGA nforce 680i SLI Motherboard
Thermaltake Armor series Full size case

I'm willing to spend well for a decent heatsink that'll keep it cool without making too much noise. Also I would very much prefer a heatsink that will not require me taking out the motherboard to install.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Nov 20, 2007
You always should take the Mobo out. Push pins are known for not seating right and only by looking at the back of the Mobo will you know.

The good CPU HS have a backplate for the mobo and have screws you have to put in the holes.

So you have to take the Mobo out.

Read a few dozen posts here, there is plenty of info on what to get.


Feb 13, 2008
you could put a $3 zalman fan controller on the fan, just slow it down to 'acceptable', and see how your temps do. or go buy any big ol' heatsink with a big fan thats inaudible from 5 feet away.
You could just turn up the music?

Any fan that shakes the case has something wrong and is on its way out(Once I was brought a computer that was "loud and shaking" and the fan had a blade missing).

A good replacement may be the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro. Its cheap and effective, not the quietest(t full speed), but not going to shake the case apart.