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Question Very loud whining from Lian li Galahad AIO ?

Jul 27, 2021
Brand new AIO, I doubt that it's trapped air, anyways the motherboard is the MSI Z390 a-pro and the CPU is an i7 9700k. Idle temps are around 70°C (already a red flag) However every few seconds you can hear the pump whining (very loudly, like 60db) for a second, and during that second the temps drop to around 50°C. The pump is connected to the FAN_PUMP1 header and the 3 fans (360 Version) are connected to a controller that is connected to CPU_FAN. The pump is properly mounted and everything, so my guess is its faulty, but I wanna ask first if there's anything I can do, Curve is set to auto using MSI smart fan feature in the BIOS