Question Very Low 3-10mbps On Just My Desktop PC? Sky unlimited broadband


Jun 26, 2014
Hello forums, i have a very annoying problem that i have got so stressed over that it is making my sick.

It is to do with my Internet speed i am getting to JUST my desktop pc in my house. I am with Sky broadband fiber unlimited package.

My PC: Windows 7 Intel Core i7 16GB RAM 64 bit OS
My network card is ASUS PCE-N15 11n Wireless LAN PCI-E Card - Link speed says 144.5mbps

For the past 2 weeks i have noticed my internet speed on my desktop computer (using Speedtest) is mostly around 5-10 mbps sometimes dropping to 3mbps (The lowest has been 0.23!).

My old MSI FX600 MX has faster internet speed, being between 30-45 Mbps! I also tested my sisters HP Laptop which was also around the same Mbps.

I contacted Sky and they reset my router to a different channel but it hasn't done anything so this is why i believe it must be something to do with my PC.

I have already read lots of posts with similar problems. Checking for programs hogging bandwidth, cant seem to find anything. I downloaded TCP views and noticed i have a lot open 137 with 27 listening? A lot of Icslap is listed? I tried currports aswell. TCP views snapshot TCP views snapshot 2 Currports

I also checked for AMD qiuckstream which i read can hog bandwidth but i dont have it. I did use to have a VPN awhile ago but dont have it anymore.

So i have really been trying to figure out the problem but just came to a blank and dont know what else to do, i dont want to be fiddling around anymore with my PC in case i damage it.

I watch a lot of videos online Netflix etc. and listen to music on youtube and because of the slow bandwidth i am getting, they are just buffering, i brought a 4k monitor recently and cant even watch anything in 4k because of course it requires around 25mbps. My web-pages sometimes take awhile to load, which is annoying when i doing research for college. It is frustrating the hell out of me.

Can anyone help me with trying to find a solution?