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Question Very New to PC Building...need opinion on potential build!

Jul 1, 2020
Hi everyone!
I have always thought about building a PC, but after a lot of research, I think I am ready to build one.

I am an architecture student, and need to be able to run programs such Lumion, Revit, Adobe Products, etc with ease. Speed is kind of key. I have been using a prebuilt laptop, and it's really not doing the job.

That being said, I made a PC build on Newegg, and having some reservations. I tried my best to pick the right parts for my needs, but I am not sure if they will fit in the case I chose.

Here's the link.

Would someone be able to give some advice on this? I want to hover between the $1000-1500 range, but really want to make sure I'm getting the best bang for my buck.

Your list of parts would work.
Some thoughts:

A newly released i5-10600K would cost less and be a stronger processor.
You will need a X490 based motherboard .

You will need a storage drive.
Unless you have massive capacity needs, a ssd of some sort is the best thing to get.
Perhaps something like a 1tb samsung 970 evo +.
It is easy to add bulk storage later.

Some of the adobe products can use the CUDA capabilities of nvidia cards.
Check to see if your apps do.
Perhaps a similarly performing RTX2060