Question Very odd WiFi issues.


Apr 23, 2017
Lately, my WiFi speeds have been very inconsistent, particularly download speeds.
I am using a USB adapter, which connects to an AmpliFi Alien router, which is set up with AT&T Fiber.
AmpliFi Alien:
My WiFi adapter:,QGOO-Wireless-Network-OS10-6-10-13/dp/B07HK5CJ45/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=usb+wifi+adapter+qgoo&qid=1614451816&sr=8-8

Before, I normally got around 50 - 75 Mbps download. But recently, it's been going up and down. As low as 0.05 Mbps, and as high as 100 Mbps. There doesn't seem to be a change in ping, though there is a blip of packet loss when the download speeds go low, and the issue seems to be happening for everyone in the household. What's odd though is phones don't seem to be affected. Phone downloads and uploads are high and consistent.
I've yet to be able to find any related articles/forum posts about this, so I haven't been able to locate any good fixes for this.
Wifi is almost impossible to troubleshoot everything interesting is all locked up in the wifi chips with no access to end users.

It could be as simple as you have a new neighbor that is now running on the same radio frequencies as you. It could also be firmware on either the adapter and/or the router. Many wifi6 routers had troubles talking to 802.11ac end devices but a lot of that was fixed/patched.

The other possibility is the radio chip has failed in your adapter.

It is very common on wifi for problems to get worse as you increase the traffic rates. You might not see issues with ping when it is idle but as data rates increase you get packet loss. This is caused by many things but interference from neighbors tends to be the most common.