Very Random 100% disk usage spike. have tried just about everything..

Tony Burton

Jun 22, 2013
Hi there, I have had my Toshiba Laptop for just about over 1 year. I moved to a new place about a week ago and we have yet to have Internet installed.
My computer randomly started going insanely slow.
I checked the task manager and my disk usage is at 100% nearly all the time.

Things I have tried.
Scanned with Antimalware Bytes and removed 10 corrupted/mischievous files.
Changed my Virtual memory to my current amount and doubled it for the max memory spot (this was suggested in a video)

Removed Google Chrome

Disabled BITS (this works! But only temporary) still randomly very slow
Disabled superfetch
Disabled multiple other processes mentioned. (read multiple articles here and they suggest disabling multiple things I have tried them all it does not work)

Checked for errors on my C: drive, there is 0

Performed a disc cleanup

Got rid of new programs and removed unnecessary programs.

I am not connected to the Internet and I have never had this issue before Until this week.

Anyone have any recommendations?

I can post pictures and provide any system information needed To diagnose

Thank you all
Hi there Tony Burton,

I would advise you to back up your most important data that is stored on the drive until you sort this out.

Apart from that, you can go to Resource Monitor and see what process seems to be using your HDD the most.
Even though you have run Disk Check, it may be a good idea to test the drive with a brand specific testing tool that will provide a S.M.A.R.T. report.
It will not hurt to double check whether Windows Search, Superfetch and BIOS are disabled.
You can test your RAM as well:



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