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Nov 30, 2001
I have an Abit TH7II motherboard with a P4 1.8Ghz processor. My system disk is a Seagate 80GB 7200RPM drive (the same that is benchmarked on this website) and I have a RAID0 array on the on-board raid controller consisting of a pair of Western Digital 100GB 2MB cache 7200RPM drives (also benchmarked on this website). I do a lot of video editing in case you're wondering why all the space. The problem is that when I run SiSoft Sandra or whatever the benchmark is called, I get very poor results for the hard disk benchmarks. The overall drive index for my RAID array is slower than a stand alone 40GB drive in the database. The tips that come up don't help much...they say to enable Windows cache since most programs would do that anyway. When I do that the index is so far ahead of any other RAID array that I don't believe that the index enables this cache. The tip with it enabled says to disable the cache for true HD read/write performance measurements. I don't know why it benchmarks so slowly. I have the Intel chipset inf files installed as well as the Intel Application Accelerator. The BIOS has Ultra DMA set to automatic.

Secondly, I have a Kenwood true 42x CD-ROM and an HP 8x/4x CD burner. The BIOS detects these during bootup and says that the Kenwood is running in PIO4 mode and HP is ATA-33. Why is this?

In case you're not familiar with this motherboard, it has 2 disk controllers on-board. The first one has a primary and secondary channel. I have the Seagate on the Primary as Master. Slave is empty. The Secondary channel Master is my Kenwood CDROM and the Slave is the HP writer. The RAID controller is independent and also has two channels. I have both disks set to master with one on the Primary and one on the secondary. The Raid array is created with 64K Raid0 striping. Any ideas on the HD and CD benchmark scores being so slow?

Intel P4 1.8GHz, 512MB Generic RDRAM, Asus V8200 GF3-Ti500,Seagate 80GB system disk, WD 100GB x 2 RAID0, Kenwood 42x CD-ROM, HP 8x/4x CD burner, Creative Audigy, Belkin network card + Motorola Cable Modem, WindowsXP Home, Enermax 435W Power Supply, all wrapped in a Lian-Li PC-7 USB aluminum case....should be a screamer.



Mar 18, 2002
ewww (AMD FAN HERE!!) ... WELL check your bios for delay transaction... try with it turnd off (it can help in some configs)....Your os could have something to do with it... can't be much help without haveing in front of me. Could be tweaked to do better :)

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Feb 9, 2001
How about some numbers? I don't see how the scores could be too bad with everything that you are running .... I'm not a fan of SiSoft either, so if you could give some raw numbers like the burst and sustained rates that would be helpful.

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Dec 31, 2007
I don't think it's the OS. If you installed Intel's Application Accelerator, you should open up the program that it comes with. It will report the real timings for your CD's and main HD, except for the RAID controller, since it's not Intel. Please provide some numbers so we can compare with other systems. I doubt Sisoft is reporting accurately, but you never know.

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