Very slow boot, degrading graphics, incomplete factory reset...


Aug 10, 2014
So I have several issues here with my computer. I have a new (1.5 months old) Lenovo Y50 laptop, and it was running great for the first few weeks that I had it. I thought that the GTX 860M in it wasn't running games well, but it turns out I was accidentally using the integrated card instead, so after I fixed that I was very happy with my new computer. However now I have 3 or 4 issues which I will list in order that they appeared.

Issue 1: This has been happening for several weeks; When my computer is powered off and I go to turn it on, there is a delay varying from 4 to 20 minutes before the screen lights up at all with any kind of info or logo or anything, but once the Lenovo logo DOES show up its fully on almost instantly, usually about 10 seconds. I VERY RARELY have a pause between pressing the button and the computer actually being on that is under a minute, maybe 3 times since this problem has started occurring. The same issue is present with restarting, the computer powers down then is totally black except for a solid power LED light, no screen light up or anything. Then after several minutes the computer restarts and goes to the login screen.

Issue 2: I first noticed this with XCOM: Enemy Within (installed via Steam). All my games run very nicely on high graphics on a 1080p monitor. Over the last few days however those same games (Besiege is another one) have dropped in performance a ton, making framerates almost as low as the crappy integrated chip even on the NVidia card.

Issue 3: I tried to uninstall and reinstall XCOM after verifying the game cache did nothing, only to result in steam preventing the install by saying there was a "write error" and halting installation. Then after that not a single on of my games will launch. After removing Steam completely and reinstalling it nothing has changed.

Issue 4: Since I have no personal information on my laptop I used the Windows 8 reset feature 2 times, once selecting "only the drive that windows is on" not doing a full wipe, and once with all drives doing the "much longer" full wipe. Both resets reinstalled all the bloatware from Lenovo, reset all my settings and made me go through the first time user info startup stuff... but my start screen and desktop background are the same. These are the only things that I have noticed that have not changed, but it makes me wonder what else is not changed.

Sorry for that wall of text, and thanks in advance for any help!

Issue 3: