Question Very slow gaming performance

Jan 14, 2019
Dear all, I have 4790K with GA H81m-Hd3 and 16 gb og ram. I have installed Far Cry 4 as well as Far Cry 3 but both games are very slow on my system. I have played Far Cry 3 on core m5 and it was pretty good there. I have windows 10 and cryorig h7 with normal temperatures around 20 to 25 degree. Can anyone tell me what can be the reason behind this slow performance?

Note: i dont have any gpu, its running on 4790k intel gpu which is intel hd 4600
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We don't know how the Core M5 was configured, GPU-wise...; what CPU and GPU did the other system have? (Quite relevant if doing a comparison)

But, having only Intel integrated graphics pretty much demands 1024x768 or similar, and medium to low quality settings....or much older games.