Question very slow write speeds on ssd

Oct 1, 2020
recently the write speed of my ssd has randomly dropped to about 30-50mbps. when i first got it, it was fine at around 280mbps but now it doesnt go beyond 30-50 and my computer starts lagging whenever im installing or updating a game on my ssd. also sometimes the write speed randomly goes up to 200mbps for 5 seconds and drops down again but usually it stays at 30-50. my computer is old so i have the drive connected via sata 2 also the ssd stays at around 58-59 degrees at all times i dont know if that could be a problem (according to adata ssd tool box but it says the temperature is fine)
heres a speed test View:


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Might want to mention how much space is free on that SSD and what your taxing the SSD with. The SU630 is more akin to the bottom of the barrel style SSD so those numbers don't surprise me, regardless of what you have on that SSD.

I've used it and I've sworn never to get SSD's like that. If anything Crucial make a better SSD for that price point.


mostly cache-less drives get good write-speeds for a full second or two, then drop down to dismal hard drive like speeds thereafter...(best to use them as write once slowly, as if you had a choice, then primarily reads and small writes thereafter....)

Good luck