Question Very small screw fallen out of computer ?

Sep 24, 2020
I went to open up my computer to see if I could plug in some new SATA cables into my SSD & Motherboards but decided not to since I had to remove my graphics card and it was already late. I plugged the old cable back into my SSD and then I tried to put my case back together but couldn't since it was under my desk. When I went to move out my computer case from under my desk to put my case sides back on I heard a sort of rip/tear sound, it wasnt that loud so im not exactly sure what it is and I heard a sound like a screw fell down. I saw this screw on top of my PSU shroud and it must of fallen from somewhere. It was to the right under side of my graphics card but it must of fallen from above it since it was an audible noise.


This is an image of the screw with a battery for scale. Its really small and I dont think I screwed it in anywhere myself so it might of come from a part. The top of the screw is flat and the bottom of it also seems pretty flat. Doesnt seem like the screw broke in half.

I turned my computer on and everything seems to still work fine. There isnt any loud sounds or any noticeable problems. Would I be fine to ignore this? I cant figure out where the screw is from either.