Question Very specific clearance issue with Case/GPU/Mobo

Aug 17, 2019
Case: NZXT S340 (Standard not Elite)

Mobo: Asus Prime Z390-A

GPU: MSI Armor 1070TI

Hi guys and gals, So ever since the inception of my personal rig that i built almost a year ago now ive had this very evident clearance issue. So back when i just was putting together this PC for the first time I realized that my GPU wouldn't fit, but in a very awkward way, the GPU would not go back far enough in the case to get into the PCI-E Slot, Like it would physically not get far enough towards the back of the case to fit into the slot while my mobo was installed in the case, I wish i had a visual representation so you could see what I mean but it was just very weird to me that it wouldnt fit that way. The solution ive found to this is to remove the Mobo from the PC and then install in back in with my GPU already installed on the Mobo before it goes into the case. Ive looked all over and cant find anything else on this particular issue. Im upgrading soon to a new case, (Lian Li 0-11 Dynamic) and was just curious to see if anyone has had any clearance issues with that case just to make sure i dont have this issue again, or could it possibly be the Mobo/GPU compatibility and should i just Upgrade GPU's as well? Thx in advance!


Never really heard of that issue (at least, never heard of it not being fixed by trying again).
Your case and GPU have a standardized mounting system where the I/O plate meets the case, so it really shoulnt have been an issue.
If you have the same problem with the new case I would find that very odd.