Very strange problems with msi z68a-gd65 (g3)


Dec 25, 2011
So for a christmas gift, I received a msi z68a-gd65 (g3) and an i5 2500k.

here is the mobo

So, I've been having problems with one of these 2 items from the start. I believe it is the motherboard that is the issue.
I installed the motherboard, I've done this very many times, and all the other components. When I turn it on, it does the single beep, with ami bios signifying that it was past POST, however, I did not get any video (tried using onboard and hd 5870). Could hear the hard drives and windows definitely was booting up. So i went on removing every individual piece of hardware and then attempting to start it with no avail. I had to have reseated the cpu 10 times, but finally I was able to boot up with video with the onboard video. So I finally believe i solved my problems. I had to go to a family christmas party for the majority of the day. I left the computer running the entire time. I checked the temperatures and they were in the low 30s idling when i left. When i get back, I continue installing all the drivers, two in particular; the click bios and the intel ME driver. After installing these I boot up the click bios, which is a bios that runs in windows, I'm shocked to see that the temperatures are idling at 80 degrees celsius. I touched the heat-sink, which seemed to be firmly rooted and it was merely warm. So I check speed fan and realtemp, both say ridiculously high temperatures. So I restart a few times, and the temperature will not change. So, I go ahead and reseat the heatsink. I turn the computer on, only for it to shut off after about 5 seconds and the automatically turn back on 5 seconds later. This continues on and on, with multiple heat sinks being tried nothing seems to work.

This was by no means a cheap motherboard and has many features I would like to have, UEFI bios being one of them. Any help will be appreciated and feel free to tell me to just return the motherboard if you think that would be the best option. In the mean time, I will be hovering over my case like an idiot cutting my hands on heat sinks and watching it turn off and on over and over



Nov 25, 2011
I am sorry it has been almost a month and no one has replied to your problem. I suppose by now you have either found the problem or rem'd the board.

The only thing I know about msi is that I purchased a mobo at christmas time as well from them. It was not a z68 like yours but was h67ms-e43.
I purchased it to go with a i3-2100 processor I got to build a computer for my gf.

The only problems that I had was all of the installation processes had to be done individually as the auto updater wouldn't complete most of them as a group like it was supposed to do. After that every thing was great and she loves her pc.

MSI is a good company and they use good parts. no matter how good of a product it is however there are bound to be a few damaged or malfunctioning products here and there. You should rem the board and get another one.
I am in the process of shopping for a new build and have decided to go with either the msi ed55 g3 or the 65 gd or the 80 gd I am leaning toward the 55 as I think it will accomplish all I need,and it can be had for around $130-$150.
I made this choice because of the great results I had with my earlier build and I expect it to go smoothly. If not I will rem the board and get another of the same until I get one that works.