Jun 3, 2009
so this has nothing to do with CPU or componenets so if you feel so compelled you can move it, i just thought i would ask toms hardware because it is a VERY large database of smart people and your the only ones i can think of who could figure this out. here is my problem okay so your going to say im crazy but i am not, i know alot about computers i have grown up on them just recently i won first place at state for PC troubleshooting in my schools BPA activity im not all knowing but i know alot and this blows my mind. so i use VLC for everything because it works i love it. okay so i was downloading a the series friends onto my computer and it finished and i watch it through and through no problem. afterwords i deleted it from my computer i also regularly clear my temp files. later that month i downloaded the series Seinfeld all was well but when the download was about 60% i decided to test a few files and i noticed something VERY odd, on one season that was only about 1% done i clicked on the video file and up came friends season 3. when i was in seinfeld season 6, all of the episodes opened DIFFERENT episodes of friends, fully functional i could fast forword pause turn volume up do everything and there were like 15 episodes all like this. odd enough i know, i forgot about it , later this year, 4 months or so i downloaded 30s rock watched it erased it, 2 months after that i downloaded CSI miami and the SAME THING happened, all of the seasons of csi miami opened 30s rock when they were downloading.... even though i had removed them from my computer, after the first one and this one i even did a search for all AVI files, all the videos were files avi's and it found none. i have no idea how this happens, because once the download is finished all the series worked fine with no signs of the previes show. i do not get it, ANY HELP would be great thanks


Jan 9, 2010
Simply deleting files may remove them from what you can see however they still remain on your HDD till the sectors which they wore located on are replaced with new data.

perhaps when your downloading files that are not yet complete it is opening the files which you deleted but are still yet to be overwrite.

There are programs which can delete files completely or close to it.