[SOLVED] Very weird problem on Windows 10 with RTL 8188CU USB WiFi Adapter ?

Feb 3, 2022
I got the RTL 8188CU usb wifi adapter with a very weird problem, the adapter connected to the router, but the internet isn't working, while my other usb wifi with atheros chipset works flawlessly with the router.

  • I tried everything from:
  • resetting winsock
  • limit to 20mhz
  • setting to g mode
  • downloading the latest RTL WLAN driver from realtek site
  • setting usb suspend
  • setting various power options related to the realtek usb wifi, etc.

all to no avail.

The only thing which fixes it, is to pull it out then put it back again every minute just to get the internet to work for 1 minute, then the internet dead again, but the wifi is still connected.

I use openwrt router with adguard home

Im pulling my hair out over this weird problem.

can someone help me ?