Question Very weird soundcard drivers bug


Sep 13, 2017
Hi! I am owner of asus xonar dg soundcard ( and recently I am encountering very strange and new bug that never happened to me before. It started around week ago and I don't know what causes it. What happens is that randomly (so far once per day) my left (it's always left) headphone speaker is turned to very low sound and only setting sound to 100 makes it play on equal level as right, talking about right,when it happens it always playing sound as loud as possible.

It's strange bug that I found temporary solution by reainstalling soundcard drivers.
Problem is that every time I reinstall that I need to adjust every setting from the start which at this rate starts to be tedious.

I had this card for about 2 years and it served me great, I always used it while being users of windows 10 system and I always used newest windows 10 drivers for this card and I had no problems.
If it's possible I'd like to figure out ( with your help) what can be causing this strange issue and,if possible,fix it.