Very2 slow performance after removing Conficker


Mar 24, 2010
Hi All,

My PC is running super duper slow since i detected & removed conficker virus abt 3 weeks ago...

i tried to scan, defrag the pc but no detection was found...however, when i tried to run will hang. (yesterday i did chkdsk on my c: partition again but it was fruitless, the process will stop at 50%...last time i let my pc on for 3 days to complete the chkdsk but to no avail as it will 'hang' at 50%).

appreciate any constructive advice on how to deal with this pc specs are as below:

2 GB ram
Intel core2 dua 2.8
360 gb hdd

many thanks.
Your best bet would be to backup all your important files and just do a clean install depending on how long the virus was running around your computer it could have corrupted just about every system file and the only real way to fix it is to reinstall windows.