Question VESA certified Displayport causing static screen to appear!

Ishit Arya

Feb 27, 2014
My DP is Accell B142C-007B-2 which is VESA Certified and after 4 months of use it now started causing static screen/GPU artifacts to appear whenever my PC boots or whenever I switch between full screen applications. The static screen appears for only 1 second and GPU artifact stays until I alt tabbed out.

Here's link to DP mentioned-

Switching back to HDMI fixed everything, that's how I came to the conclusion that DP was causing all this issue. I'm glad the warranty is still covering my 2080 but I still hope DP caused minimum damage to my GPU so I don't need to repair my existing GPU or get a new one.

What I want to know is whether it did any damage to my GPU and if it did then how much exactly. Is there's a way to tell? I ran multiple benchmarks and the results seems to be normal.

I've read this reddit post which claims that DP could damage and fry your GPU but it looks like only the early versions of DP had these problem and the DP port I have is DP 1.2 which is VESA certified as well but then again I ended up with static screen, who knows maybe there's a possibility of frying my GPU with DP port I currently use.

Here's the link to reddit post-

Also, the Monitor I use is Samsung C27F591, It was released in February 2016. I wonder if the cause of static screen is not the DP cable but my old monitor.

Here's the link to Monitor mentioned-

Here are pictures of static screen and GPU artifact, GPU artifact only appeared when I alt tabbed back to the game.

GPU Artifact-

Static Screen-


I will be extremely grateful if anyone help me out and give there opinion regarding this problem I'm going through.