Question VESA Mountable? Need help finding a mount...


Sep 26, 2019
Hello, I just purchased a pretty small monitor (SKU:8576080) for the sole purpose of mounting on top of my main monitor for entertaining purposes, and so that Im not always slumping.

Im currently using a 2 monitor setup (Main in mid, 2nd on right) however the second monitor is only 21inches and I tend to have to look downwards to view it. its causing me bad posture basically. its also not mountable and cannot be tilted or anything, Therefore I got the one i listed earlier. Im interested in mounting it on top of my main monitor, however I have literally 0 experience with any kind of mounting.
I would like to have a mount that will allow me to pull the monitor closer to me or push it against the wall, as well as being able to tilt up/down. Is that possible?

My current main monitor sits about 8 inches away from the wall, and so I would like a mount that go that far out... im not even sure if that possible tho.